Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best Universal Remote for Simplicity

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen

If you are anything like me, you really like toys!  Especially when it comes to entertainment systems.  The problem that I have had over the years was finding a Universal Remote control that my wife could use with ease.  Many remotes have failed the test until I purchased the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen.  Logitech makes many great remote controls, but for the price range, I find this one to be the best pick.

Programming is extremely simple.  It comes with a CD-ROM that you install on your computer.  You plug in your remote with the supplied USB cable (which is a standard mini-USB, so you probably already have one), and the program walks you through the set up.  All you need to know is the manufacturer name and model number of your equipment.

Once programmed, the color touch screen is set up to perform tasks.  There is one button for "Watch TV", "Listen to Radio", "Listen to iPod", "Watch Blu-Ray", or whatever your equipment list entails.  You can set it up however you want, and put these tasks in any order.

The best feature is the "smart help" button.  If one of your devices is on the wrong source input or just didn't turn on, you push the help button, and the remote will walk you through and fix the problem!  It's so simple, my wife and kids can use it without calling me for help.

The Harmony one is a good looking remote.  It has the standard buttons that all remotes have and is not cluttered up with useless buttons that seem to complicate almost every other remote control.  Did I mention that it has a docking station and rechargeable batteries?  I could go on and on, but you need to see it for yourself! Click the link to learn more about the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen.

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